Subic Acquires New Vehicles for Freeport Operations

The Freeport now has a wide range of vehicles to select from to use for its operations.

Toyota Hilux Pick-up trucks for the agency's departments' operations.

Toyota Hilux Pick-up trucks for the agency's departments' operations.

SUBIC BAY FREEPORT — The agency, Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority, acquired new vehicles for its services and operations, years after its last procurement of such assets.

Chairman and Administrator, Jonathan D. Tan, during the turnover ceremony of the vehicles, said that the agency is "in dire need of replacing the old vehicles with new ones" that can be utilized by the employees in its daily operations.

“If we improve our quality of work, the more we could attract investors, the more jobs we could generate for our communities, not only for our present-day jobseekers, but for the next generations to come,” Mr. Tan said. 

Of the 44 vehicles that they purchased; the agency acquired 10 vehicles for its Law Enforcement Department. Despite the downgrade from Ford Pick-Up trucks to Toyota sedans, the agency's Law Enforcement Department would take anything. For the past few years, they've only been relying on donated vehicles from investors of the Freeport.

Aside from the sedan patrol cars, the other vehicles they got were five (5) multipurpose vehicles, six (6) 4x2 pickup compact trucks, seven (7) 4x4 pickup compact trucks, eight (8) passenger vans, four (4) 4x4 pickups, and four (4) 4x2 pickups, with a total amounting to PHP73.5 million.

San Roque Chapel Chaplain Father Noel Montes officiated the blessing of the new vehicles in front of the administration building of the S.B.M.A. Mr. Tan assisted the cleric during the blessing ceremony.

Mr. Tan reminded officials and employees of the S.B.M.A. that the said vehicles were purchased from the taxpayers' money, and that they have the responsibility of taking care of these vehicles.

Aside from these vehicles, Mr. Tan unveiled that the agency is eyeing electric buses for the Freeport's first-ever public transportation system.